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Muki & Gerhard

As the operators of the Kofelalm, Rudnig Alm and the Kristall mountain restaurant, Muki and Gerhard have been a constant at Nassfeld for over 20 years.


Now they have made a conscious decision to focus on a small but special gem: the alpine boutique hotel Nassfeld.


What makes it different from others? “Today, anyone can create a good infrastructure. But it is the human component that makes our house what it is:

A place with personality.


A place backed by people who are passionate about their work. You can just feel that.”


As a hostess, Azra has an eye for every little detail and at the same time has perfect control of the big picture.

Professional. Calm. Determined.


And always in their element when it comes to keeping lots of balls in the air at the same time.

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